Developing resilient solutions that enable knowledge networks and mutiple locations for life, work and entrepreneurship, rural and urban, across the border of Finland (Helsinki) and Estonia (Tallinn)

Helsinki Living Lab

The Helsinki Living Lab is a unique bilateral cooperation between Helsinki City and the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region and Tallinn, its twin city in Estonia. The city-regions are connected by the 65 kilometre-wide Gulf of Finland and collectively home to over 2 million inhabitants. Supported by the economic integration of Estonia and Finland, high education levels and complementary regional economies, the Helsinki-Tallinn region is making investments between the cities that would offer significant opportunities for both businesses and labour markets.

The Helsinki Living Lab aims to gain a deeper understanding of the social impacts of these changes to the rural and peri-urban areas around the two cities. The Living Lab will also focus on issues that pertain to digital services and other novel solutions that enable multiple locations for life and work, rural and urban. The growing Helsinki metropolitan area seeks sustainable solutions for its dependence on ecosystem services that are located in the adjacent and remote rural areas. Policy guidelines and recommendations of the ROBUST project will have a timely impact on regional development and cooperation models in the Helsinki-Tallinn region, and offer new economic development opportunities to the 1.4 million people living in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Latest Live Case

Live Cases are a real-time journaling process for the Living Lab case studies. Follow along quarterly to learn more about the experiences and lessons learned taking place in the ROBUST Living Labs.

Tue 30 Apr

Live Case 2: Co-Creating a New Vision for Rural-Urban Governance

Our starting point is that, in Finland, rural, urban and regional policies are fairly developed, and the actors are already well organized with sophisticated policy tools, particularly in rural policy. However, the linkages between these policy fields are weak, and rural-urban interaction...


News about Rural-Urban Europe and the ROBUST project is published regularly in the INFORMED CITIES newsletter.

ROBUST is a European research project involving 24 partners from 11 countries. ROBUST receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727988.

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